Atlas Copco Power Technique Service has the mission to keep your machines running with the highest level of productivity, reduce total cost of ownership, and increase residual value of the units.

Maintaining your Atlas Copco compressor at recommended service intervals by using genuine spare parts and lubricants is key to increase your machine’s uptime, reduce the risk of downtime, and extend the productive life of your machine.

The importance of

genuine parts and lubricants

Atlas Copco genuine parts are manufactured to the exact same high standards as your compressor, and are designed and tested to provide matched performance.

The quality, lifetime, and productivity of your compressor are maximized to their full potential if all components are matched perfectly! The genuine parts have passed the same endurance tests and are proven to be the best protection for your investment.

This translates in:

Reduced operating cost | Low equipment down time | Longer service life |  Increased residual value

Don’t take any risks

The condition your equipment is kept and maintained and your operational efficiency are directly related to the regular service of your compressors in normal circumstances. Poorly maintaining your equipment or using low quality generic parts bring additional risks to your operation and financial result:

• Risk of equipment breakdown or destruction
• High equipment down time
• Expensive repairs
• Higher fuel costs

We reward you

We want to reward our customers for maintaining and servicing equipment regularly, and for their loyalty, by using our genuine parts and lubricants.

What better way than with an extended warranty?

How to benefit from

the Plus Program

• Maintenance to be performed at the published service intervals

• Service maintenance to be performed using genuine parts and fluids

• Mandatory oil sampling to be taken at the time of failure and available to be submitted to Atlas Copco when requested

For details of the program and related terms and conditions please contact us

Redeem your 2.5% cash back on

your new compressor purchase

    Please upload purchase invoice for review:

    Limit one per customer and for one machine. Subject to manufacturer approval. Only valid for end-users.

    Valid from July 1st, 2019 to September 30th, 2019.

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